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Nail colors and what its show of your personality, red nails and pink nails on hand


Date: 30/08/2021

Nail Colors: what it shows of your personality [Part 1]

Nail colors and what its show of your personality, red nails and pink nails on hand

If you love having your nails done, could we agree that not only is it a satisfying experience, but it is also a confidence booster? As revealed by Karen Grant, a global beauty industry analyst, “nails products tend to offer a relatively guilt free treat to one, even for those with a tighter budget as nail color is an affordable indulgence.”

One of the main reasons why it is an affordable indulgence is due to that fact that most women consider the color of the nail products above all else. This meant that the color of the nail product wins over most women’s heart over the brand, nail design, packaging, features etcetera. To most people, the color and design of a nail is what screams out most to them. You can give them the most luxurious brand but if it is not a color that they like or the shade does not suit their skin tone, they’ll give it a miss.

What is so interesting about the nails color that we choose and wear, is that it will reflects our personality to others! After all, our nail colors are some of the few things people notice also immediately; having a bold unique nail design could give a strong powerful first impression to others.

Here is a run-down of what the different color means:


1. Red

Red Nails have always been considered as the most popular if not the best nail color since forever. Not only does is red a classic – just like our bold red lipstick, but it is also simply a foolproof color that suits all skin tone.

Cherry Red Stick On Nails on hand. Fake Nails, Press On Nails, Artificial Nails, Nail Tips, DIY Manicure, MUSE & Co.MUSE & Co Color Palette – Cherry Red

With that said, Red Nails wearers often have perfectly polished nails, and it shows that you are daring, outgoing, and highly confident. Additionally Red Nails wearer is potentially bright and fun, as such bold colors makes quite a statement.

Lady Brilliance Red and gold glitter Stick On Nails on hand. Fake Nails, Press On Nails, Artificial Nails, Nail Tips, DIY Manicure, MUSE & Co. MUSE & Co Dazzling Collection – Lady Brilliance

With Red Nails, it is a confidence booster and it have the strength to empower you and make you feel glamorous, sexy, and feminine all at the same time.

Therefore, if your go-to color for your manicure is red, you’re a strong confident lady who knows what you want!


2. Pink

Pink Color is a color that has obvious association to femininity. Pink Nails wearer tends to have a feminine personality, and with Pink Nails, you can show off your sweet and soft side!

However, there are different shades of Pink Nails ranging from Hot Pink to Muted Blush and to Soft Pastel Pink which further shows your personality and mood during your wear.

Hot Pink

Hot Pink Nails are often associated with being bold, chic, and spontaneous! This nail color requires a confident soul to pull off this eye-catching feminine color.


MUSE & Co Color Palette – Magenta Pink | MUSE & Co Pre-Glued Nails – Summer Breeze

Soft Pink

With Soft Pink Nails, it usually shows that you are someone who tends to be on the quieter side and does not want to get the spotlight.

MUSE & Co Warm & Cozy Collection – Dainty Petals

Blush Pink

In the middle ground, there are the Muted Blush Pink Nails which provides a more relaxed and nurturing feel. Wearers of Muted Blush Pink Nails are often described as graceful and empathetic and never fails to radiate elegance.

MUSE & Co Glitz Gel Strip Fun & Wild – Sweetheart | MUSE & Co Color Palette – Blush Pink


3. Yellow

Nothing screams joy and happiness better than yellow color. Yellow Nails are quite explanatory on their own, describing the wearer as someone who is a cheerful, warm, and young at heart. Additionally, they are also often social creature who loves to surround yourself with friends and is a creative and fearless communicator.

MUSE & Co Warm & Cozy Collection – Blooming Sunshine | MUSE & Co Dazzling Collection – Luminous Sunshine

For you Yellow Nails wearer, you are a happy pill to many and even without knowing, you spread positivity wherever you go!


4. Purple

If you love Purple Nails, you are definitely an artistic individual without a fear of judgement from anyone. You have your own unique style and are not afraid to flaunt it.

MUSE & Co Day & Night Collection – Sweet Taro | MUSE & Co Glitz Gel Strips – Pastel Galaxy |MUSE & Co Glitz Gel Strip – Dreamy Lilac

With that said, you are not a follower of rules and is someone who thinks out of the box. You are comfortable to explore beyond your comfort zone and grow anywhere. The unknown is not fearful to you, and you embrace them courageously!


5. White

Simple yet it brings about a strong statement. White Nails are one of the hardest colors to maintain and if it’s your go-to color, it just shows that you are someone who is always up for a challenge and is always finding new ways to improve on yourself!

MUSE & Co Glitz Gel Holiday Collection – Beautiful in White | MUSE & Co Glitz Gel Fun & Wild Collection – Lacey Blossom

On top of that, White Nails is currently a TikTok trend to symbolizes that the wearer is not in a relationship! Of course, this does not mean that individuals who are attached are unable to put on White Nails. So don’t be alarmed if someone asked if you’re single, they probably saw this trend on TikTok!

(Hint- of course there is a nail color that shows that is in a relationship too)



That’s all for the first part of how Nails Color and what it shows about your personality. Do let us know if what we have said is accurate and share it with your manicure-loving friends too!