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Loyalty Program

Join for free and earn points per dollar as you spent with us!

Point earned per $ spent
$1:1 point
$1:1 point
€1:1 point
RM3:1 point
Point to $ Credit
10 points: $1
10 points: $1
10 points: €1
10 points: RM3



  1. How to sign up for the Loyalty Program?
    • Register an account with us on www.musencobeauty.com and you will be able to join our Loyalty Program for free.
    • You may do so by pressing the Account logo, beside your shopping cart to get started!


  1. If I have an existing account, can I join the Loyalty program?
    • Yup! Your account will automatically enrol into the Loyalty Program; hence no extra step is needed from your end.
    • In fact, you have also already gained points from your past purchases* with us, and you can start redeeming your points today!

*For orders from Aug’2021 onwards.


  1. How to view my point balance?
    • Click on “My Account” and on the left menu, click “My Points”. You will have a view of your current point balance as well as your past points transaction.


  1. How can I redeem my points?
    • Upon signing into your account, you will be able to see an option for redemption of your points at both “Your Shopping Cart” and the “Checkout” page.


  1. Will I be able to earn points if I’m using credits at the same time?
    • You will be able to earn points on all purchases.
    • However, kindly note that points earned will be after any discounts, vouchers, and/or points used.


  1. Is there a minimum spending that I would need to reach before I can use the points?
    • There is no minimum spend to use the points.
    • However, there is a maximum amount of $10 credit discount which you can redeem for each transaction.


  1. Will my points expire?
    • The points will expire after 6 months.


  1. Can I earn points if I purchase MUSE & Co products from other platforms?
    • Our Loyalty Program is only applicable for purchase from our Official Website only, www.musencobeauty.com .
    • We regret to inform that purchases from other platforms are not applicable to earn points for this Loyalty Program.


  1. Can I transfer points from one account to another?
    • Nope, you are unable to transfer/combine points from one account to another.


For any further enquiries, you may kindly contact us at [email protected] .


Kindly note that MUSE & Co Singapore reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions of the Loyalty Program without prior notice.