Emerald Gold

 Smooth & Thin  Quick & Easy to Apply
$13.90 / per box of 24


There will be times where you will want to take a breather from what you are doing. This collection comprises of soothing colours, so when you look at your nails you can feel relax as though you are on Holiday.


Each set includes

Product Safety Report


Step 1

Clean nails with alcohol prep pad provided.

Step 2

Choose the suitable gel strip size for your nail.

Step 3

Place gel strip closely to the nail cuticle side. Press it downwards to the sides of nail. Repeat to smooth out air bubbles or wrinkles.


Step 4

Fold the remaining gel strip under your nail. File off in a downwards motion, starting from the middle. Refrain from doing side-to-side filing to prevent uneven gel strip at nail tip. Avoid water contact for an hour after application. 

How to remove

Apply nail polish remover around the sides of gel strip, and gently peel off from nail.

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