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$195 672.58 (143 835,00 VND) / each


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Applying eyelashes in 6 easy steps.


Step 1

Peel lash from stand gently.

Step 2

Trim the lash according to your preferred length.

Step 3

Bend the edges of the lash into a U shape.


Step 4

Apply lash adhesive along lash band, wait half a minute for adhesive to get tacky.

Step 5

Place lash along your lash line once tacky. Hold there for 5 seconds to allow adhesive to dry completely.

Step 6

Put on mascara and/or eyeliner to fill in any gaps.

Removing lashes in 2 easy steps


Step 1

Secure lashes by the base, before gently peeling lashes from the outer corner towards your nose.

Step 2

Dab a non-oil based makeup recover onto cotton swab and gently apply it along the lash line to remove any remaining lash adhesive.

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