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Sunrise to Sunset - Vietnam

A thematically juxtaposed colour scheme to represent the rising and setting of the sun. This is sure to make you stand out any given time of the day, or night.

$195 672.58 (143 835,00 VND) / per box of 24


Vietnam Text


6 Easy Steps to Applying the Perfect Nail


Step 1

Trim and file nails.

Step 2

Clean nails with alcohol prep pad that comes with the nails.

Step 3

Choose the nail that provides the perfect fit for you.


Step 4

Place the nail at the base of the cuticle.

Step 5

Press down firmly –
left and right, up and down.

Step 6

Buff the nails down to the desired shape and size.

Removing nails in 3 easy steps


Step 1

Soak the nails in soapy water for 2 minutes till the nails turn soft.

Step 2

Push off softened nails using manicure stick. Apply acetone to remove any stubborn nail residue.

Step 3

Wash hands and apply cuticle oil over nails and cuticles (optional) after nail removal.

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