Beauty Press NailsBeauty Press Nails

Be Your Own Queen

Atypical colour scheme that sets you apart and brings out your uniqueness. Unleash the monarch within, and be the queen you know you are.

$7.90 / per box of 24


Sophisticated, stylish designed nails that are easily applied and removed. These pre-glued nails can be worn up to 5 days, comes in customisable length and is perfectly safe for natural nails.

Each set comes with:

  • 24 nails in 12 different sizes
  • 1 Alcohol Prep Pad
  • 1 Mini File

Nails Shape: Short Squoval

For longer longevity of nails, avoid contact with water for 3 hours after application.


6 Easy Steps to Applying the Perfect Nail


Step 1

Trim and file nails.

Step 2

Clean nails with alcohol prep pad that comes with the nails.

Step 3

Choose the nail that provides the perfect fit for you.


Step 4

Place the nail at the base of the cuticle.

Step 5

Press down firmly –
left and right, up and down.

Step 6

Buff the nails down to the desired shape and size.

Removing nails in 3 easy steps


Step 1

Soak the nails in soapy water for 2 minutes till the nails turn soft.

Step 2

Push off softened nails using manicure stick. Apply acetone to remove any stubborn nail residue.

Step 3

Wash hands and apply cuticle oil over nails and cuticles (optional) after nail removal.

Customer Reviews

The best quality and designs are classy. So happy to have made this purchase. ??️
The best quality and designs are classy. So happy to have made this purchase. ??️
Received with good condition.
Received with good condition and product was good!!
Highly Recommend Well receive ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Highly Recommend
Well receive
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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