French Nails

French Nail designs are timeless and are safe manicure choice for anyone. 

Evolving from its classic pale pink base with white tips,

The 2020 version of french nails come in different colours and tips design, …

1. Ombre French TipThe ombre French tip brings about a classy and polished look while being subtle. This simple design will allow you to match any outfit for any event easily.


2. Layered Triangle French TipLayering pink on pink hardly leave any room for mistakes. The triangular french represent the contemporary design of well-put-together ensamble.


3. Pink Tips with Crystal EmbellishmentAdd a little sparkle with small rhinestones and glitter stripes to peak up your everyday French nails look.


4. Pastel Purple Deep FrenchPopular among young-adult with the super dreamy pastel purple deep French.


5. Triangle French Accent with Gold StripBeautiful gold strips accent the triangular french for a classy yet elegant look.


6. Glitter French Tips with an Accent Glitter Nails

Maximalist French accent with silver glitter if you are into the statement-making trends. Definitely one of my favorite designs of all time!


Take your pick and share it with us!