Ocean Fun

$11.90$8.90 / each


New MUSE&Co Beauty Press Nails!

Get professional looking nails in less than 5 minutes* for both feet!!

* Time taken could be even shorter *

New technology which provides better comfortability via thinner and more flexible nails!!


1. Select the Nail Size that fit your nail the most!

2. Remove any oil,dust or dirt on your toe nail by wiping it with our alcohol prep pad.

3. (Optional) Trim your toe nails if they are too long so that your natural nails wont be peeking underneath our Beauty Press Nails

4. Remove the plastic flim behind the nails and press it down firmly on your toe nail! Left, Rght, Up, Down!

5. (Optional) Buff the edges to your preferred length

6. Repeat steps for the rest of your toe nails!!

7. Admire your salon-worthy nails that you have done it yourself ;)

Each Set includes 24 Nail tip, 1 wooden stick , 1 alcohol prep pad and 1 mini buffer.

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