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nail colors and what it shows of your personality , gold nails, green nails

Nail Colors: What it shows of your personality [Part 2]

If you go-to nail colors is not in this part, you can head down to our previous post here to know what your preferred na[…]

Nail colors and what its show of your personality, red nails and pink nails on hand

Nail Colors: what it shows of your personality [Part 1]

If you love having your nails done, could we agree that not only is it a satisfying experience, but it is also a confide[…]

4 reasons to do you next nail art manicure with dazzling rhinestone

4 reasons to do your next nail art manicure with Dazzling Rhinestone

  Are having big rhinestones on your nails seemingly daunting for your next manicure? It might seem too over-the-to[…]

Gradient french Air Fit Stick On Nails Fake Nails, Press On Nails, DIY Manicure, Nail Tips

6 Different Styles of French Nails for every occasion!

French Nails French Nail designs are timeless and are safe manicure choice for anyone.  Evolving from its classic pale […]

French Glitter french nails holding a box

PSST! Tips to longer wearing nails

Do you want to have the best wear out of the new Beauty Press Nails that you have bought? Pssst!! Here are 3 tips to ma[…]

Back by Popular Demand

New Season Beauty Press Nails – We heard you and here’s our great news!! We’ve restocked our Prom Nigh[…]