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4 reasons to do you next nail art manicure with dazzling rhinestone


Date: 28/07/2021

4 reasons to do your next nail art manicure with Dazzling Rhinestone


Are having big rhinestones on your nails seemingly daunting for your next manicure? It might seem too over-the-top for some and might look extravagant for a simple day to day look. However, you can put your uncertainties aside with these 4 reasons from us on why you should try it:


1. Statement Piece

Having big rhinestones on your nails might seem too loud and you might think that it will result in a tough time to match outfit.

Look at things from a different perspective. Instead of looking at these luxurious nails as an add-on to your ootd, you can treat it as a statement piece on its own.


photo credit

You can jazz up any simple outfit and make it looks luxurious when your nails are all done up. Check out the below different outfits with our Dazzling Rhinestones and how it can seamlessly create a statement to your outfit!


Full black outfit? Not an issue

Credits: Pinterest | Pinterest | Nails : Elegant Princess


Top and Jeans combo? 100% works

Credits: Pinterest | Pinterest  | Nails: Luminous Sunshine


Work Outfit? No problem

Credit: Pinterest | Pinterest | Nails: Timeless Bow


Casual denim shorts? Of course!

Credit:  Pinterest | Pinterest | Nails : Radiant Blush


2. Suitable for special occasion

We all want to dress up on special occasion – outfits to look amazing, makeup to be flawless, hair to be done up beautifully and nails to look pretty.

Having pretty nails is like adding a cherry on top of a cake or placing a star on the Christmas tree – the finishing touch. Pretty manicures help to elevate the whole look and outfit.

However, we do know that it is not very feasible (both nail-health wise and wallet-wise) to be changing your gel manicure every other week for special events or occasion.

That’s why with MUSE & Co ‘s Air-Fit Dazzling Nails, you can change your nails in the comfort of your own house without harming your wallet!

We have got 13 different big rhinestones designs that you can choose as a statement piece.

Picnic Date? Dinner Date? Wedding? Party? Girl’s Night Out? Family Gathering?

We got you gurl!

Here is some of our Dazzling Collection nails

Click here to see the full collection.

(From Top to Bottom, Left to Right, Radiant Blush, Radiant Sky, Dainty Lady, Rose Brilliance)


3. Conversation Starter

Have you ever complimented someone else on their hair, outfit, jewellery, make up etc, and noticed how 80% of the time, those compliments would turn into a simple conversation starter?

Having such strong and bold nails have the same effect too!

They might get their next nails inspo from you or might simply just be intrigued by how you deal with your daily live having big crystals on your nails.

And there you go, a new topic for chit chat or even a new manicure buddy!


4. Showcase your own unique style

Don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd and shine.

Life is too short to fret about what other people think of you. Doll up for yourself, pamper yourself with what you want and be confident in your own skin!

If you enjoy having bold accessorized nails, just do it. Do it all for yourself.

Featuring: Dazzling Rhinestones

From Left to Right, Pink Brilliance, Lady Brilliance, Timeless Bow, French Sparkle